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COVID-19 News, Reflections and Support Information

All church services in both Bowden Kirk and Melrose Parish Church have been cancelled as of 16th March for the foreseeable future. Additionally all church meetings and events are also cancelled.
During this time we have to find new ways of keeping in touch, supporting one another, and being good neighbours.

This page will be providing reflections, prayers and helpful resources for our members and the wider community. This can be in the form of downloadable text, audio clips or video.

During HOLY WEEK the webpage will be changing on a daily basis with additional prayers and reflections. It is intended that the daily addition will be visible by approximately 10 am each morning.

Palm Sunday
For Palm Sunday, as well as this online reflection, there are different opportunities for joining in worship.
On BBC1 Scotland you can watch Sunday Worship at 10.45am followed by Reflections at the Quay at 11.15am, and then Songs of Praise at 1.15pm.
Once again, at 7.00pm this evening, we are asked to light a candle, put it at a window, and join people of faith throughout our land in prayer.

#Easterhope - Christians across the Borders are invited to celebrate Easter by making and decorating a cross in their homes. While it is not possible to celebrate together physically this year we can still join together in spirit to focus on the hope of the cross and Christ's death and resurrection for us. Individual households could make a simple cross with paper and pens to go in a window or something more elaborate made from wood or other materials that might stand in a front garden (see the attached example for instructions on how to make a cross from garden branches.) These can be displayed and decorated over the Easter Weekend. We hope that whilst still adhering to social distancing guidelines our neighbours might be able to enjoy seeing this sign of Christian hope in windows and gardens around them. It would be great to share pictures on social media too if this is something you do, quote #Easterhope.

For fuller instructions on how to make the Easter Cross CLICK HERE.

1st April Reflection

The King Rides In - Messy Church activity.

The story of Palm Sunday told via the PowerPoint presentation which can be opened by clicking on the image on the right.

Then there are the following activities to be enjoyed.

In addition to the reflections and resources that are being provided on this website the following may also be useful links to a wide range of Church of Scotland on-line services.

Reflections and Messy Church resources from earlier weeks are now shown below in chronological order.

Sunday 29th March - Minister's short time of online worship
These are challenging and difficult days but ironically they are also bringing us new opportunities and providing us with different ways of doing things. Please join our church family in this short time of online worship.

Tuesday 24th May - Reflections Trees

Zacchaeus - Messy Church activity.
The story of Zacchaeus is the story of a lonely man.
We are all in a strange situation – not able to go to school or church or Messy Church, not able to meet up with our friends and wider family, not able to do all the things we normally do to fill our days. For all of us this is a weird and lonely time.
Zacchaeus was a lonely man but friendship with Jesus turned his life upside down. As you will read in the story, Zacchaeus was amazed that Jesus knew his name, and knew all about him, and wanted to be his friend. Jesus knows our names, he knows everything about us, he loves us and wants to be our friend. He's always there for us, especially when we are feeling sad or lonely.

Isaiah 43:1 - Now this is what the Lord says, “Don't be afraid. I have called you by name, and you are mine.”

A prayer
Jesus, thank you for being my friend. Thank you for always being there for me. When I am sad you comfort me, When I am lonely you are with me, When I feel afraid you give me courage.
You surround me with your love - This day and all days, Thank you. Amen

At this time it's really important that we keep in touch with our family and friends and neighbours. We just have to do it in different ways. Think about how you can do this. How can you show that you are remembering them; that you care for them?
Things to do:
Keep in touch by Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or e-mail. Make and send a card.
Draw a cartoon or a series of pictures that tell the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus.
Make a picture using your name.
Make a prayer book – bring together pictures of all the people you love and care for, put them in a scrapbook, use the prayer book to remind you to pray for them every day.
Or make a prayer tree – write the names of all your family and friends on the leaves There are activity sheets on the website too. Enjoy!

The following PowerPoint presentation can be opened by simply clicking on the image above and to the right. Then you can download a series of three worksheets that are there to support and provide interesting activities.

Sunday 22nd March - Minister's Reflection

Two prayer that are relevant at this time.

Click on the image on the right to download an A4 copy.

A reflection and thoughts for the younger group

Click on the image below to download the full reflection

Reflection - "I to the Hills"

The Good Samaritan - Messy Church activity.
The following PowerPoint presentation can be opened by simply clicking on the image to the right. Then you can download a series of three worksheets that are there to support and provide interesting activities.

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